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Nano Silver Concentrate Solution

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We are the official seller of Nano Silver Concentrate Solution. This unique solution has a high concentration of nano silver particles. The concentrate can be easily diluted to make nano silver solution of any desired concentration or volume. Hope you can get useful information from our FAQ section.

Nano silver solution (also known as silver solution, colloidal silver, ionic silver, silver water, etc) is an aqueous solution containing silver particles in suspension. It should not contain any protein or other additives, and should be free of chemicals. These are the properties of our concentrated nano silver solution.

There are many silver solution products out in the market that use chemicals, protein stabilizers and catalyst to keep the silver particles in suspension. Our nano silver solution contains only pure nano-sized silver particles suspended in purified water.

Parts Per Million (PPM) is an indicator of how much silver is in a silver solution, and is NOT an indicator of strength or particle size. It’s the particle size and particle surface area that are important.

With our proprietary manufacturing system, we are able to produce highly homogeneous, nanometer sized, silver particles, with an average size of 0.5 nanometer. This gives our concentrated silver solution a high particle surface area thus making it highly effective.

With most other silver solution production, including home generators, particle sizes increase with PPM so a higher PPM solution can have a much higher particle size due to a process called agglomeration. Large particle size will reduce the particle surface area, hence a reduction in effectiveness.

With our proprietary amperage, temperature and water circulation control technology, we are able to control and maintain the particle size even as the concentration of the solution increases, to 100,000ppm, in this case.

Our nano silver concentrate solution is produced using High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) technology in a laboratory environment. It is made using silver plates with 99.9999% purity and purified water. The system is equipped with a proprietary technology, which is perfected by us. This technology allows us to precisely control the water circulation, while keeping the amperage and temperature of the solution stable, throughout the ‘brewing’ process. With the above controls, we are able to produce nano sized silver particles, and keep the size constant, as the concentration of the solution increases to very high levels.

The result – A clear, high ppm, reliable and stable concentrated nano silver solution.

The unique features of our nano silver concentrate are:-


With particle size as small as 0.5 nanometer, the solution has a very large particle surface area. This make our nano silver solution highly effective for use with various applications.


The nano silver particles in the solution have a strong positive charge, making it very stable (high zeta potential). This keeps the particles in suspension for a long time and also gives this concentrated nano silver solution a very long shelf life.


The size of the particles in the solution has a high degree of homogeneity, and coupled with a strong charge, prevents agglomeration in the solution. This allows the solution to be clear even at high concentrations. This is contrary to the common understanding that silver solutions at high concentrations will have an amber or brown colour at higher concentration. The amber or brown colour is as a result of very large silver particles forming due to agglomeration. Other production methods CANNOT prevent agglomeration, as the silver particle concentration increases in the solution. Most other production method resort to using proteins or chemicals compounds to prevent agglomeration.


No chemicals, proteins or catalyst are used in the production of our nano silver concentrate. The solution only contains nano silver particles suspended in pure water.


It is definitely easier to carry around a 3.3 fl.oz. (100ml) bottle which is way below the airport customs liquid limit on hand luggage. With a 3.3 fl.oz., 10,000ppm concentrate, one can easily dilute and make up to 27 gallons (100 liters) of 10ppm silver solution by simply adding drops of the concentrate into water. And this costs only as low as US$0.07 per fl.oz. This is definitely more convenient than using a silver generator or lugging around large volumes of silver water.

When diluting this concentrated nano silver solution, we recommend using only pure water with the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS) as possible. We would recommend using distilled water. One may also use drinking water prepared using the distillation process.

With low TDS water, the concentrate will dilute well and the solution will still remain clear. If the water contains dissolved solids, like tap water, then a white precipitate may form. This will reduce the efficacy of the solution.

To dilute the concentrate to the desired ppm, use the formula below:-

Volume of desired final solution x ppm concentration of the final solution = Volume of the silver concentrate required x ppm concentration of silver concentrate

For example, to prepare a 50ml nano silver solution of 10ppm concentration, we need to determine the amount of the silver concentrate 10000ppm that is required.

50ml x 10ppm = amount of concentrate required x 10000ppm

50ml x 10ppm = Volume(ml) x 10000ppm

Volume(ml) = (50×10) / (10000)
= 500 / 10000
= 0.05ml

So to make a 50ml of 10ppm silver solution, we will require 0.05ml of silver concentrate 10000ppm.

We will need to further dilute the 0.05ml of silver concentrate 10000ppm in 49.95ml of distilled water to make 50ml of 10ppm silver solution.

0.05ml is equivalent to 1 drop of silver concentrate. And for reference, 1ml is equivalent to 0.03 fl. oz.

Nano silver particles are increasingly used in various fields, including medical, food, health care, consumer, and industrial purposes, due to their unique physical and chemical properties. These include optical, electrical, and thermal, high electrical conductivity, and biological properties.

Due to their unique properties, they have been used for several applications, including as antibacterial agents, in industrial, household, and healthcare-related products, in consumer products, medical device coatings, optical sensors, and cosmetics, in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, in diagnostics, orthopedics and drug delivery. Nano silver have been frequently used in many textiles, keyboards, wound dressings, and biomedical devices

Furthermore, nano silver particles are widely known for its antimicrobial properties against microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and virus. Due to their proven antimicrobial properties, nano silver particles are widely used in the daily used commercial products, such as plastics, food packaging, soaps, pastes, food, textiles and in the disinfection industry, which has increased their market value to a great extent.

Nano silver is also widely used in the water filtration membranes. The idea behind the use of nano silver in the water filtration membrane is based on the utilization of their proven antimicrobial properties and slow release rate of nano silver particles from the membrane. The slow release rate prolongs capability of the membrane to be used as a protective barrier against various bacterial and other pathogenic microbes present in the water

Its importance can be judged from the fact that nano silver can be used in various form, such as colloidal (enamel, coating, and in paints), in liquid form (shampoo), or in solid form (blending nano silver with a solid material such as polymer scaffolds) and even can be found suspended in materials like soap and nonwoven fabrics.

Our nano silver concentrate is produced in laboratory like production facility located in Malaysia. We perfected a Japanese technology, to enable us to produce a highly stable nano sized charged silver particles solution, with a high degree of homogeneity, at a very high concentration

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