Nano Silver Particle Concentrate Solution 50000ppm


    • The World’s First State-of-the-Art Nano Silver Particle Concentrate Solution
    • Manufactured in a laboratory environment, using silver plates with 99.9999% purity and purified water using proprietary technology
    • No chemicals, catalyst or proteins – only pure silver in water
    • Contains nano-sized (as small as 0.5 nanometer) and highly stable (does not agglomerate), charged nano silver particles
    • High particle surface area making this nano silver solution highly effective
    • Strongly charged nano silver particles remain in suspension indefinitely
    • Clear solution with a very long shelf-life.
    • Can be diluted to make any desired ppm and volume without affecting its effectiveness

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Nano Silver Particle Concentrate Solution 50,000ppm

This concentrated nano silver solution 50000ppm contain very small sized (as small as 0.5 nanometers) and highly stable (does not agglomerate), charged nano silver particles. With a large particle surface area, the solution is highly effective. Since the nano silver particles are very small and have a strong charge, they remain in suspension for a long time, giving the solution a very long shelf-life, and making the solution clear, even at very high concentrations. The solution is odourless and non-toxic.

99.99% pure nano-sized, charged silver particles suspended in pure distilled water. Concentration of nano silver particles are at 10000ppm.

A single drop (0.05ml) of this nano silver solution contains 2500mcg of nano silver particles.

This product contains only natural ingredients. Free of chemicals, gluten, protein and animal by-products.

Size & Volume
Volume – 500 / 1000 ml (16.9 / 33.80 fl.oz.)
Bottle – HDPE/PET with screw on cap.
Weight (Bottle & Box)- Approximately 500 / 1000 grams (1.1 / 2.2 lbs)

Packaging Box Material & Dimension – 3 layer cardboard box padded with shock proof materials. Dimension of the box will vary depending on bottle volume. Shipping weight approximately 200 grams more than bottle weight

Store in dark compartment at ambient/room temperature. No need to refrigerate

No expiry. Proper handling and storage will ensure very long shelf life and preserve the effectiveness of the solution.

Avoid direct contact of this concentrated colloidal silver solution with body, skin and eyes. May cause discoloration on skin (although harmless and and will fade over time) due to oxidation. Avoid contact with eyes.

Dilution Guideline
The solution may be diluted to any desired ppm concentration and volume. Use only pure distilled water when diluting. Drinking water prepared using the distillation process may also be used. Using tap water or water with high total dissolved solids (TDS), may result in an opaque white precipitate forming in the solution and will result in reduced efficacy of the silver solution.

Check out the FAQ page for a detailed guideline on dilution.

Additional information


Colloidal Silver No.1 HighPPM

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Shipping Time

Handling Time: 2 Working Days
Shipping to USA and Canada: 5 to 7 Working Days
Shipping to the Rest of the World: 5 to 14 Working Days


100ml, 500ml, 1000ml


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