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Colloidal silver boosts immune system and keeps you protected in any environment

Colloidal Silver and Its Effect on Our Immune System and Cancer Cells

A research was undertaken by M.A. Franco Molina, to study the effects of silver solution (popularly known as colloidal silver) on the immune system and also cancer. The research article titled In Vitro Evaluation of Colloidal Silver on Immune Function: Antilymphoproliferative Activity was published in the Journal of Nanomaterials Volume 2016 |Article ID 4176212.

Several tests were done to evaluate the effects of silver solution on the human immune system and cancer cells. The research presented some pretty interesting findings and seems to support the possibility of using silver solution to treat cancer.

From the study, the researchers surmised that silver has anti-proliferative (stops growth) and cytotoxic (ability to destroy) properties on leukemic and lymphomatous cell lines (cancer cells).

The researchers also mentioned that silver particles of larger sizes also exhibit cytotoxic properties against cancer cells, just like silver particles of smaller sizes.

The study also demonstrated that silver is nontoxic over immune system cells. They also mentioned that silver has the ability to interfere with the immune response by decreasing cell proliferation when stimulated with mitogens (a mitogen is a peptide or small protein that induces a cell to begin cell division and grow in number like cancer cells).

This research suggests that silver can be considered as an alternate treatment for cancer and for boosting the immune system in a cancer patient. It would be great if further research can be conducted to study the immune boosting effects and cancer fighting properties of colloidal silver.